Home :) Reunited with the gang!

Got home last night and after many cuddles with the various critters I thought I would get a post up for you all today.
Scotland was brilliant, I don't want to bore everyone by giving you a blow by blow account of every single day but I will highlight some of the best bits, almost all of which are horse orientated. 
If you ever get the chance to go, do it! 
The only thing I would say would be to take a seriously good insect repellent, the midges were murder. If you ever want to see what its like for a horse with sweet itch, head for the highlands and stand outside at dusk!
Safe to say there is nothing sweet about it but one hell of a lot of itch!!

Anyways on with the adventure!
The first highlight of the trip for me was whilst we were driving along a road that we found, exploring as we like to do. When I spotted this gorgeous beasty behind a fence. Well obviously I had to make Nigel pull over so I could have a cuddle and grab a picture! 
Gorgeous and very friendly highland pony stallion. He had the side of a mountain to roam over and he was more than happy to have some attention. I was instantly in love and the Highland Pony has worked its way up onto the list of breeds I want to own in my life. They are simply gorgeous.

The next hilarious highlight appeared the next day when we went to have a look around a little wildlife and farm park. walking round the paddocks when we discovered this.... tartan sheep anyone?
I dread to think how long it would take to do this if it was the actual way to identify a flock.
Safe to say it made everyone chuckle and was quite the crowd pleaser.

The highland show came at the end of the week... allsorts of simply awesome animals but my firm favourite was a border Leicester sheep. I mean come on, look at the ears on him!! Also now my my list of brilliant breeds I would quite happily have several of these in my little flock.

We then wandered around a little more and found the heavy horses..... all I can say is wow, I have always liked them but I honestly have never been up so close to horses that are so massive.
They were incredible, and to see them all in harness and working has fuelled my love of the older breeds and the whole activity of driving. 
Some of these horses were about 20 hh and simply beautiful, but I will let the pictures do the talking.

The last day had my cuddling my least favourite farm animal.... but honestly who could resist this.... 

Aside the horns which make me slightly nervous they are so nice!!
So having caught up at home and gotten back into the swing of normal life I no doubt will be updating you on my own gang again in the next day or so. 
Its certainly nice to be able to write again!


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